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Crypto Exchange EtherMium Aims To Offer More Features Than Found On DEX

Crypto exchange EtherMium intends to offer more features than what is usually found on a decentralized exchange (DEX). While there are a lot of decentralized exchanges already around, EtherMium intends to create a platform that can compete with the features of centralized exchanges while retaining the advantages of being decentralized.

Based on Ethereum, EtherMium is a decentralized crypto exchange operating with ERC-20 based tokens and other cryptocurrency pairs. The primary objective of this project is to win the trust of traders on a global level and ultimately become the number one trading service.

To achieve this objective at the earliest, the exchange has developed a highly secured platform that provides users with the access to a large list of not only cryptocurrencies based on ERC-20, but also the possibility of participating in ICOs.

Crypto exchange EtherMium’s project is in active development. It will remain decentralized and anonymous for its users requiring no KYC and the ability to start trading in seconds. All the offerings of the exchange will be found in a single product that has a user-friendly and attractive interface.

In terms of safety, the exchange never holds any customer funds and is decentralized. The funds of the customers stay on smart contracts which act as programmable bank accounts. Owing to this feature, customers are the only ones who can manage their funds instead of the exchange owners.

EtherMium presently offers a range of Ethereum ERC-20 tokens that users can trade. The exchange also intends to launch a derivative trading solution in the near future. This will make it possible for users to trade non-Ethereum cryptocurrencies with leverage. Some of these non-Ethereum cryptocurrencies include Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ripple and more, as reported on Blockonomi.

The exchange platform uses smart contracts that allow users to manage private keys and carry out Peer-To-Peer trading without any intermediation. The user signs each of the transactions with his or her private key and the exchange carries out the transaction on behalf of the user, committing the output of this operation to the Ethereum blockchain.

This approach followed by crypto exchange EtherMium allows users to update their order books and account balances online. Thus the ease of use of the decentralized exchange does not compromise the security of the system in any way, as reported on Ethereum World News.

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