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Crypto Exchange DECOIN Develops Next Gen Platform For Decentrailzed World Using Blockchain POS

Cryptocurrency has been recently seen a rising thing that has reached profits up to billions of dollars. It has become a powerful lodestone for every individual and companies who wish to promote products and increase incomes. Based on this Blockchain technology, DECOIN crypto exchange a new exchange has developed an exceptional revenue sharing trading and exchange platform.

DECOIN has been used to invest in ICOs and corporations in the D-TEP crypto index (DCI), making revenues for every DECOIN members who are trading from the D-TEP platform and allowing every user to receive extra profits in DECOIN through index investment cash-outs.
Being an open source for looking digital networks that comprise its individual digital money, DECOIN (DTEP), is completely supported by the Exchange & Trading (D-TEP) platform that reallocates revenue to DECOIN holders.

DECOIN aims to create a simple, rapid, and modest multicurrency trading and a platform that shares exchange revenues with its coin holders, DECOIN crypto exchange believes that the responsibility of the digital currency market is also very significant and powerful, where the market of digital currency is used for transaction and other digital asset connected to digital currency, DECOIN is developing the next generation platform for a decentralized world by uniting Blockchain Proof Of Stake (POS) procedure, clarity, highest security, and 24×7 direct support, as stated in Medium blog post.

At present DECOIN is developing next-generation trading platforms and an attractive ICO crypto index that will enable liquidity and make money for investors and companies traded on this platform.

As noted in News BTC, the D-TEP token pre-sale is presently offering a bonus of 25 percent till September 15, 2018. DECOIN crypto exchange is a project having a great potential to create an optimistic change in the industry of cryptocurrency. Further, it is creating crypto-trading at ease and is offering crypto-investment prospects with an aim to earn profits over a long period of time.

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