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Crypto Exchange Blockchain.io Claims Expertise On Post-ICO Success

Blockchain protocols expert Blockchain.io explains why it can help on post-ICO success. Meanwhile, a Boston College Study revealed some astonishing facts about Initial Coin Offerings.

The latest Boston College Study revealed that even less than 50 percent of the Initial Coin Offerings are hardly operational after the initial 4 months post their token sale. The reason for this is people are only focused on raising funds and overlook to address the main success factors after ICO token sale.

It is a crucial aspect to bear in mind for all those entrepreneurs and investors who aim to invest in these coins or devote time to such projects. Most entrepreneurs face the issue of improper or no execution in the post-ICO phase.

It is important to know whether the developers have a clear roadmap on ways of completing their projects as intended and they will get completed on time or not. The response lies in the balance between the trust level the developers can place in their team and the progress status.

A project should have already established its feasibility even while it is at its fundraising phase with its key features tested well. Although that may be a preliminary stage, the product can still trigger useful feedback from potential consumers and investors.

Plus, it is equally important that the core team has the necessary skills and a strong vision to guide their staffs in overcoming the roadblocks if any and accomplish their objectives, which may come up during the implementation stage. Stability of the human resource at a C-level is another key factor for getting success in the post-ICO phase, newsBTC reported.

Blockchain Protocols Expert Offers Solutions For Post-ICO Success

Blockchain.io believes that it has the expertise of an experienced team who had been associated with Europe’s first EUR/BTC exchange called Paymium to lead them. The team has taken feedback from early Initial Coin Offerings investors to get valuable insights.

The Blockchain Protocols Expert believes that they can help in post-ICO success by offering a quality investment choice with minimal risks. All risks that have been discussed above have been addressed and assessed by Blockchain.io, Coinspeaker reported.

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