Crypto App Circle Invest Announces Addition Of Three Collections Of Crypto Assets

Crypto app Circle Invest, a Goldman Sachs-backed crypto platform, decided to sell three new collections of index funds for cryptocurrencies. In just one tap every user will be able to buy the assets in each of the categories that are listed. According to the Senior Vice President at Circle, Divya Agarwalla, the Circle’s ‘Buy the Market’ feature is a very effective one as more than 30 percent of the platform’s customers are using it.

Projects like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Stellar (XLM) and Litecoin (LTC) are trying to build superior payment rails based on blockchain technology so that making payments is as easy, instant and as borderless as sending an email. Cryptocurrency index funds have increased attention as major exchanges and wallet offers roll out the feature and outdo each other. This is perhaps not surprising given the attainment that less fee index funds have had in the equities market.

The company continues to list the crypto assets linked with the projects on Circle Invest, it will be soon introducing new collections and appropriate educational material so that clients can invest in the categories that most interest them.

Cryptocurrency index funds have increased attention as major exchanges and wallet providers roll out the feature and outdo each other, as stated in CCN news. As per Agarwalla, if the clients are passionate about this category of assets who wish to invest, they can just buy the payments collection category. Each of the assets in the collection will be biased by market cap. Clients will also be able to educate themselves on the collections through this app in-product content.

As per the news published in Oracle Times, this new investment feature offered by Circle crypto app is obtainable in the restructured form of the crypto platform’s app for Android and iOS. The three newly launched cryptocurrency will be categorized by Platform, Payments and Privacy. All of these assets in the collection will be checked by market cap.

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