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CryptantCrab Video Game Inspired From Popular Southeast Asian Hobby (Watch Official Trailer)

After months of waiting the CryptantCrab video game recently opened its bounty events and pre-order extravaganza. So what is CryptantCrab? It is a collectible PVP web-based video game running on the platform of Ethereum blockchain. The game has been inspired by the traditional pastime of Asians of collecting and raising fighting fish which even today is quite popular in Southeast Asia.

In the CryptantCrab, the focus is mostly on the digital crabs as well as their ability to do battle and mutate. Both these features are expected to increase the fighting prowess and the overall statistics of the virtual crabs or crustaceans giving the player a feeling of true ownership. The Bounty event for the game was open to all and provided the gamers a chance to grab one CryptantCrab worth 0.5 ETH. The event took place three weeks prior to the start of Pre-Sale extravaganza on October 25.

CryptantCrab is an Australian digital entertainment company with more than 350 million gamers as its global audience. Now, the company is turning its attention to blockchain technology and has come up with its first virtual currency-based web game.

It should be noted that each CryptantCrab in the video game is unique and is tamper proof which the game developer believes will keep the game uncheatable, Cryptant Crab official site reported. According to the source, CryptantCrab has been developed by Appxplore (iCandy), the award-winning game developer that makes this much more than a game collection.

The gamers can mutate the crabs ahead of the battle and record every triumph with the help of blockchain technology. The official site says that it is possible to make one million combinations of looks and powers of crabs. It also indicates that the gamers have so much to experiment and can try out various ways to leave their opponents shell-shocked.

The CryptantCrab video game pairs new innovation and is streamlined with web-based UX so that the users can access it easily, Cointelegraph reported. Gamers can tokenize the crabs to gain value and trade.

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