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Countries Of Europe Foresee Blockchain As Fourth Industrial Revolution

Countries of Europe have initiated the integration of blockchain technology within their systems of several sectors and there is definite visible improvement in the workflow and overall efficiency. The best part of this integration has come from the government that has been extremely supportive and encouraging in the adoption of this future technology. The leading companies are rapidly picking up while there are several new start-ups which are quickly making their way into the commercial business. All these things indicate a great revolution coming in. which can also be dubbed as the fourth industrial revolution.

The renowned politicians of Europe are openly supporting the idea of blockchain technology adoption.  One such member of the European Parliament is Eva Kaili who is a representative of Greece and has very optimistic views for distributed ledger technologies. She believes that blockchain is everywhere in the global market and can be considered to make interesting developments in various fields. In addition to this, she also stated that the value addition is far more important.

However, not all the countries of Europe have a similar stand on this. Many of them consider blockchain technology and cryptocurrency together in one category. Indeed, many European nations have begun the legal crypto trading and acceptance but they have strongly associated blockchain with cryptos only as mentioned by Blockonomi.

Major Industry Players Of Blockchain Trade In Europe

According to Enterprise Times, a very big part of the European blockchain market has been captured by tech giant IBM with its various operational offices and research centers based in prime locations of Europe. IBM is multiple blockchain based projects lined up with European enterprises which includes bug names like Carrefour, Telefónica, Central Bank of Azerbaijan and Valenciaport to name a few.

Countries of Europe are leveraging the potential of blockchain and its innovative features which is going towards a steady fourth industrial revolution of this age.

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