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Companies And Developers Can Use Blockchain Project Klaytn

Companies and developers can use a global public blockchain project called Klaytn. Ground X is a blockchain company who has released the mainnet of Klaytn for commercial use. The main purpose of Klaytn is to facilitate easier access and faster speed.

The blockchain company Ground X is a subsidiary of a South Korea-based Internet company called Kakao. While Klaytn is the project of the Internet company Kakao and Ground X designed Klaytn.

Many regional tech giants committed to collaborating for the blockchain project Klaytn for the promotion of blockchain-based businesses. An insurance service company called the Union Bank of the Philippines along with other Southeast Asia-based finance & tech giants involved in Klaytn. Kakao Pay, Kakao Page, Kakao Games, and Kakao IX are the Kakao affiliates also taking part in Klaytn. While LG, Celltrion, and Netmarble are the South Korean companies which will operate Klaytn.

The southeast Asia-based finance & tech giants are the council members. Axiata Digital, Axiata Digital Service Indonesia, and a Hong Kong-based fintech firm called HashKey are the southeast Asia-based finance & tech giants. The insurance service company the Union Bank of the Philippines is also their council member.

The blockchain company Ground X said, “The council members will be responsible for making major business decisions on Klaytn and operating its consensus nodes. We are also planning to involve them in discussing developing new services and integrating blockchain with existing businesses,” Korea Herald reported.

The blockchain project Klaytn is recognized as an enterprise-grade and service-focused platform. Providing a user-friendly blockchain experience is a purpose of Klaytn. Benefits of public and private blockchains are combined through Klaytn. Decentralized data & control and distributed governance are the benefits of public blockchains. While low latency and high scalability are the benefits of private blockchains, according to the official site of Klaytn.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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