Coinup Launches Second Round Cryptocurrency Sale For Raising $32 Million

Coinup, a Perth Based Fintech has started its second round of cryptocurrency sale with the company aims to raise about $32 million USD from ‘PMZ’ tokens.

Coinup is planning to start a range of cryptocurrency tools, includes a dedicated platform for ICO, and also a crypto exchange.

ICO will be like an Initial Public Offering or IPO. The company would be issuing digital tokens which can be traded on the crypto platform or can be exchanged for the services.

Coinup aims to get good funding from the sale of ICO which they plan to use for the development purposes. The first round of ICO was also a bit hit and gave them hefty investment and trust of investors. Coinup is a company based in Australia, but the last time around launching with own ICO from Hong Kong. PMZ tokens, they sold back, an instant hit in the market.

Crypto exchange platform, the company is going to develop, called as Paymaz platform and which enable users to trade, sell, and buy different crypto currently with the help of the app. The app will be a dedicated platform with the help of which company promises to reach to maximum users.

Coinup is also planning to create an infrastructure with the help of which users can make business-to-business payments using crypto itself. They can use the currency for day-to-day activities, like paying off the mobile bills with the help of the application.

20 Percent Bonus Incentive On Offer

According to a report published in Stock Head, at present, the company has about 104 million tokens, issued out of the total 298 million which will be sold. At present, the tokens will be sold for about 0.0004 ether which is about US22C. Yesterday the company launched its second round of sale with 20 percent bonus token incentives.

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