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Cointree Crypto Wallet To Be Integrated With Gobbill Soon

After the recent partnership announcement between Cointree and Gobbill, the crypto exchange is ready to integrate its wallet with Gobbill, and the payment feature will begin soon. This integration will allow Australians to pay their household bills using Gobbill’s platform. Cointree supports many cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others. But according to their blog, they are hoping to get support from 50-100 more digital currencies by the time their bill payment feature is released.

After the integration from Cointree’s end, users can link their crypto wallet with the Gobbill account and choose to pay their bills either by credit cards, bank account or any cryptocurrency regardless whether the merchant accepts this payment method.

The global alliance announcement on 20th August brought much excitement among the Cointree and Gobbill community, resulting in various news variations about the partnership on the internet.

As per Cointree’s press release, the partnership came after crypto exchange Cointree launched a new and refined platform with the motto to expand in the international market. This is only going to help both the companies to set foot in the new market and grow from there onwards. Prior to this, Gobbill had announced their partnership with iSignthis (ASX:ISX) for eKYC and payment processing, and wealth management myprosperity that will help Gobbill roll out broadly to users in Australias and other countries.

The Cointree CEO, Shane Stevenson, had said that it is a great opportunity for both the companies to use their strengths and enable Australians to pay their bills with their choice of cryptocurrencies. On the similar note, the CEO and co-founder of Gobbill, Shendon Ewans, confirmed that the partnership will add value to customers who are thinking of adopting cryptocurrencies.

The integration of Cointree’s crypto wallet and Gobbill will not only be the first step for day-to-day ease in making payments, but it will also help many others to see that cryptos are safe and can be used effectively as a currency.

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