CoinField Exchange Partners With Manticore Ventures To Create moonGO™ App

The Canada-based CoinField crypto exchange enters into a new partnership with Malta-based Manticore Ventures to create the moonGO™ app. This powerful app is specially designed for traders who thrive on flexibility, agility, and security.

Users can now set up their trading accounts in flat 60 seconds and withdraw USD or Euro in the form of moonGO™ cards. They will be able to use these cards to make online purchases or at any retailer that accepts credit cards. This app will take CoinField’s excellent reputation outside Canada and make its services available in every country except the nations on the US/UN sanction list and the U.S.

The moonGO™ app offers commission-free selling and buying for popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, Bitcoin Cash, Select ERC20 coins, Bitcoin Gold, and non-ERC20.

The app also allows its users to add their moonGO™ virtual cards to be added to their Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay accounts. Users will now be able to withdraw their digital assets to their wallets outside the platform at any time.

The KYC process is also quite impressive and it has reduced the time for the processing from 4-6 weeks to mere seconds. This is possible owing to CoinField’s multi-algorithm solution. moonGO™ has a very strict KYC and AML policy to fight money laundering activities.

To add to its layers of security, the app has added a new Secret Vault technology. The app also features multi-signature wallets which solicit signatures from multiple peers in order to ensure legitimacy.

According to GlobeNewswire, presently moonGO™ is available only to users who have registered their email addresses for an “Early Access Invite”. The alpha version will be launched in Q4 2018 with around 250,000 users who have registered their email addresses. The app will be available for the general public in Q1 2019. The exchange intends to bring the app to the U.S. market during the fiscal year 2019.

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