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CoinBene Crypto Exchange, Latest Addition To McAfee Alliance

The CoinBene crypto exchange, based out of Singapore is planning to partner with the McAfee Alliance. The exchange decided to make this move in order to promote its corporate responsibility, transparency and self-regulation in the cryptocurrency markets. The CEO of the McAfee team Jimmy Watson is the brain behind the McAfee Alliance. This movement is aimed at uniting the crypto industry, combating perceived corruption of some exchanges in the crypto sector and promoting fairness and transparency.

As per this agreement, the exchange will work together with the McAfee Alliance in order to promote self-regulation and combat the prevailing corruption in some exchanges in the interest of the cryptocurrency users. John McAfee said that regulation is very important in the crypto industry because if the crypto markets don’t take up the onus of regulating themselves, bad actors will. He further added that he is grateful for CoinBene’s shared mission to protect the involved companies and individuals and he is keenly looking forward to uniting crypto assets.

The primary aim of this partnership between the CoinBene crypto exchange and the McAfee Alliance is to support the cryptocurrency companies that are adversely affected by disputes within the exchange sector. McAfee had raised his voice against the HitBTC exchange, as it was reported that the exchange was asking crypto firms a $500,000 fee just to get listed, as stated in the BlockTribune report.

CEO McAfee team, Jimmy Watson announced in August that he will be launching the McAfee Alliance Agreement. He mentioned that he would be posting a link to the McAfee Alliance Agreement and urged the interested individuals to carefully read the agreement before signing. He cited big names such as HitBTC, BitZ, KuCoin and many more that are joining the alliance. John McAfee too backed Jimmy Watson and said that he fought on several fronts. He said that Watson’s struggle towards overcoming governmental corruption is hard to believe till he verified it himself, as stated in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide report.

CoinBene crypto exchange director international business development and marketing, Raquel Vaz said that they are aiming to ensure that the exchange and the industry provide investors with the kind of safety and security that they duly deserve while investing their hard-earned money.

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