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Codeaku Startup To Introduce New Blockchain Tech In Egyptian School

Codeako startup is all set to introduce new blockchain tech in Egyptian school. Blockchain technology is considered to be the technology of the next generation with immense potential and possibilities. Even then many Egyptians do not know much about this breakthrough technology. That is why Codeaku has decided to come up with the first blockchain school with the view to raise awareness about blockchain technology in the country and make coding accessible to every Egyptian.

According to the founder of Codeaku, Hassan Ali, ”Codeaku is simply a coding school. We believe in the power of coding and this is why we have built our programs to serve non-techies before techies. We aim at empowering all skilled Egyptian youth not just to land a decent or high paying job but to build a better country and a better economy, cause only through technology can we do that.”

Ali thought of building the first Blockchain School in the country after he learned and got an experience in coding. He stated that he started his learning path in Egypt and was amazed by the outcomes of the research. Since there was no offline coding school in the country to tackle emerging techs coding, he thought of coming up with the school option.

Previously he planned the option of online course, however; it did not work in his favor as he had zero backgrounds of this new tech, reported Egypt Today. The company received acceptance at Y Combinator Startup School. Codeaku is one of the few startups out of around 15,000 who applied at the Silicon Valley-based accelerator known for developing Airbnb and Dropbox. The startup also reached an agreement with Government Blockchain Association and received permission to start a Local Chapter in the capital city of Cairo.

As a part of the contribution to the new blockchain tech, the Studio at Belfius and Flow Pilots from Belgium have decided to form a digital platform that will enable school students learning in municipal schools to collect virtual currency every time they walk or use the cycle to reach the school. According to Blockchain News, a new digital platform will help the school children improve their standard of living and also ensure better mobility and improvement in the quality of air.

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