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Civil Offers Legal Token To Crypto Investors Through Its ICO

A Blockchain startup called Civil will soon launch an ICO to offer tokens to its investors with an aim to transform media. Civil has a unique business model that operates quite differently as far as token sales are concerned these days.

However, Civil’s ICO has been under scrutiny due to the dip in Ethereum’s price that has raised questions on the credibility of the crypto space from some quarters. Critics, in general, have at times ridiculed the concept of raising funds for a fresh decentralized platform by offering tokens to crypto investors.

The SEC or the Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States and some other regulators has been debating over imposing rules to safeguard the interests of the crypto investors. Hence, the founders based in the United States have concentrated on fundraising only from accredited investors.

The company indicates that its actual aim is to define a fresh business model related to journalism. It also suggests creating a platform where people can participate and engage with one another.

Civil feels that it has the right kind of framework to push its ICO token sale. A recent statement made by the company’s CEO might hint so. Civil’s CEO Matthew Iles had indicated that it is an uncertain space and goes much beyond than simply regulatory uncertainty, according to TheCryptoUpdates.

More About Civil’s Token Sales Model

The Blockchain startup company Civil intends to disrupt the media. The organization has plans of offering its cryptocurrency tokens to a number of investors irrespective of whether they have accreditation or not. The company has made this decision despite the present policy of applying caution to Initial Coin Offering operation as well as token sales.

The fundamental goal of launching ICOs is to raise funds for a new platform. Organizations try to accomplish this objective by selling their cryptocurrency tokens to community members who show a willingness to buy them, BittPress reported.

The buyers who have invested in the ICO tokens will be unable to sell them until they prove of having used their wallets previously. The company has defined it as “proof-of-use.”

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