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CitiCash ICO Is Live, Cryptocurrency Converts Coins Into Other Currencies

The public sale for CitiCash is already live and the hard cap of the coins has been set at a value of 130,000,000 CCH. Meanwhile, the ICO token will be able to seamlessly convert into coins of other types going forward.

The company claims that the entire emission of the offerings can reach up to a whopping one billion in the initial two decades. Thereafter, around one billion coins will be available for crypto mining.

The CitiCash digital currency has been specifically developed to bring an end to the complexities associated with cryptocurrencies. It will enable all to enter into the digital money in a hassle-free manner.

CitiCash can be used for making everyday payments within as well as outside the cryptocurrency space. The token can utilize a debit card that enables its users to make online payments using the CitiCash cryptocurrency in their wallet. The token can be used to purchase items from retail stores as well as make payments for food products from outlets or restaurants.

The company also plans to include advanced features enabling users to convert their ICO tokens into other kinds of digital currencies within their wallet. Apart from storing coins to use them later, it is also possible to use the wallets for receiving or sending CitiCash coins.

The coin uses a technology called the RingCT to ensure maximum security and anonymity, Bitcoin Exchange Guide reported. The technology makes sure that a user’s identity and personal details are virtually obscured from fraudsters.

Cryptocurrency For Everyone

CitiCash will ensure that all its users get a chance to use the currency in both the real as well as the crypto world. It has been developed by a Czech team and can be used for both online and conventional shopping.

There is no doubt that its future ability to convert into other types of cryptocurrencies that will have a major impact on the ICO token. The development team aims to ‘unblock the Blochain’ to provide the users a simpler and smarter solution, Coinspeaker reported. 

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