Chinese Government Brands EOS Top Cryptocurrency

EOS as a cryptocurrency has been gaining prominence in East Asia. China recently discharged its blockchain rankings for August, rating open blockchain systems like Bitcoin and Ethereum in view of their application and innovation. And the said digital currency bagged the top spot, beating out the hefty competition.

The rankings, made by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute and the China Software Testing Center, highlighted the commitments of teachers and specialists at the nation’s most lofty instructive establishments including Tsinghua and Beijing University.

Past rankings positioned EOS above both Ethereum and Bitcoin as the best blockchain organizes in the worldwide cryptocurrency area. The recently made rankings by CCID and CSTC, two foundations subsidized by the Chinese government, had EOS positioned as the best blockchain arrange on the planet by and by, with Ethereum and Bitcoin falling behind.

This month, China positioned Ethereum at second and Bitcoin at the tenth, putting tokens and other significant cryptocurrencies like NEO and Stellar in front of the predominant digital currency. This came in a report by Hacked. Komodo, Stellar, and Steem were all positioned higher than Bitcoin, with solid focuses in pertinence and innovation. Bitcoin recorded the most noteworthy focuses in the class of advancement, for the most part, likely because of its long reputation and the status as the principal blockchain system and digital money in the market.

In July, CCID positioned Bitcoin as the seventeenth best blockchain arrangement in the market and in the previous month, Bitcoin has ascended through the positions. In the previous thirty days, Bitcoin and whatever remains of the digital money segment have not experienced real specialized improvements or changes in the codebase of major computerized resources. Subsequently, it is conceivable that the solid execution of BTC as a store of significant worth in the crypto market drove the administration to rank Bitcoin higher than it did previously.

With EOS taken to the top of the ranks, it is uncertain why other more powerful forms of cryptocurrency such as Cardano were trailing well behind.

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