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Chinese Billionaire Bruno Wu Creating Cryptocurrency Hub in Hartford

Bruno Wu, a Chinese Billionaire has devised an ambitious plan of setting up a cryptocurrency hub in the city of Hartford. The project will constitute the development of a FinTech college among other initiatives and cost about a whopping 300 million USD.

Wu, an American billionaire of Chinese origin runs a company called Seven Stars Cloud (SSC) that will focus on developing this unique cryptocurrency innovation hub. The project is being referred to as the Fintech Village.

It was in the month of July this year when this affluent Chinese entrepreneur shared his plans for developing the new cryptocurrency hub. The hub will see businesses and individuals come together and forge alliances on several projects. The collaborations can be related to subjects like machine learning, crypto-related initiatives, and robotics.

Wu’s known-company is seeking for partnership for the crypto, especially with the colleges in the neighborhood. The goal is to create an accredited FinTech college, which can provide official qualifications, courses on blockchain technology and AI (Artificial Intelligence) and is likely to feature in the college curriculum.

Reasons For Choosing Hartford As The Crypto Hub

An interesting point to note is that Wu has chosen the United States for constructing this cryptocurrency hub over China. While it could appear as an unexpected decision, the billionaire mentioned that it makes a lot of sense to develop the crypto hub in Hartford. After all, the city enjoys a proximity to some of America’s premier universities like the University of Hartford, Yale University, the University of Connecticut, and the University of New Haven.

According to Crypto Disrupt, an ambitious project that will require a great pool of talent to be successfully implemented. Besides, the decision seems a sensible one with some of the finest students studying in Connecticut, who want to brush up their fintech and cryptocurrency skills.

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