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Checkmate Capital (CHC) Makes Investment In Bcause Crypto Exchange Operations

Health Checkmate (CHC) recently announced that it will be investing in the Series B Capital round for Bcause LLC cryptocurrency exchange operations. The Bcause LLC is supposed to be the maker of what is the world’s first full-stack crypto network. Over here CHC will obtain a yet-undisclosed amount of equity shares of Bcause. This will allow Bcause to open their spot crypto exchange in the near future. After that, they would together direct a project which would launch exchange-related crypto creativities and will be co-located in the Asia region.

As per Benjamin Lye, Vice President and Head of Digital Assets, Checkmate Capital the worldwide experience of the Bcause management team, chiefly with creating multiple exchanges in Asia, is dangerous in performing on the premeditated plan to make feasible cryptocurrency exchanges in Asia. This will lead to a clear resolution and task for the Asian partners, associated who wish to look for purposes and outcomes for the communities they help.

Bcause CEO Fred Grede stated that cryptocurrency exchange operations pledge signifies the firm’s second strategic investment from the Asian region and will further distribution into Asia. The firm is happy to work with CHC by playing an exclusive role in the developing crypto marketplace and advancing the growth of cryptocurrency trading in the region. For the Series B, ASGARD Partners & Co. was appointed as strategic and capital markets advisor to Bcause. Lehman Bush, an Asian-focused, field boutique private equity Investment company with offices through Asia, is presently acting as the companies Asia-based planned industry partner, as stated in CryptoNinjas.

About China Health Checkmate (CHC)

China Health Checkmate (CHC) is a joint-venture entity that was established between Checkmate Capital (Checkmate) and its large financial services and healthcare partners in Asia. The company has built and run successful regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and clearing houses. It is an investment group managing family office assets and Asian-Pacific institutional funds. As per Bitcoin Exchange Guide, Checkmate’s main areas of investment are energy technology, biomedical and biotechnology, and expanded special situation occasions. Checkmate’s investment partners offer experienced and varied expertise in their applicable industries and influence a strongly efficient international ecosystem of strategic partners, business aptitude and capitals.

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