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Changelly Cryptocurrency Exchange Collaborates With CoolBitX App To Make Crypto Trades Mobile

The popular quick swap platform Changelly cryptocurrency exchange has significant news that wants to share with the crypto community. The company has planned to partner with CoolBitX in order to authorize its leading product known as CoolWallet S. This will be connected to the immediate crypto-to-crypto exchange shaped and provided by Changelly.

With the Changelly API connection, users of CoolWallet S can start crypto-to-crypto exchange using the wallet’s line. Currently, there are various ERC20 tokens obtainable and other such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

CoolWallet S which is a mobile cold storage hardware wallet has been allowing the customers to store their virtual currencies in a simple and seamless technique. It is an electronic card hardware wallet with an orange button on the right side that works as a button and the pictures on the card are basically its display screen.

Adding exchange functionality through Changelly cryptocurrency exchange is obviously a completely new level of utility for it. The card itself is power-driven with a flexible lithium-ion battery and pairs with the CoolBitX app. The wallet is associated with Bluetooth with CoolBitX Crypto in order to send encrypted data to it. Charging the card with electricity is done with a distinct device that the card wallet opens into.

As per Finder, besides CoolWallet S, similar projects in another place have fascinated related levels of funding from same industry heavyweights, like DINNGO, which raised $10 million from some big names in its pre-ICO to pursue a similar vision.

CoolBitX focusses in manufacturing protected, U.S. original digital asset hardware. It was established in 2014. At the same time, it grows smart contract platforms for lots of users around the world.

Changelly cryptocurrency exchange recently made another significant announcement related to the first official version of the Changelly mobile app. Launched on Google Play, the immediate swap service will let customers have the option to exchange their crypto assets through their mobile phones. As per Bitcoin Exchange Guide, with this application, it is not essential any more to open the browser on their gadgets every time they want to switch crypto assets.

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