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Cashbox X- Gaming PC Capable Of Mining When Idle

A new Gaming PC has been launched which would please both gamer and miners. Launched by Russian company Crypto Technology the Cashbox X gaming is a powerful gaming PC which can do mining and provide high end specs for gaming. The hybrid PC is loaded with top specs and can mine when is idle.

Company offers that the new computer will provide quarter either of monthly income for those who want use their top end gaming PC for mining when idle. It is loaded with a platform which consists of both cryptocurrency mining device and top end gaming computer and has enough power to fulfill both the task.

In terms of specs the Cashbox X Gaming will come with Core i7 or i5 processors, it will be equipped with couple of Nvidia GTX graphic cards of 1060 or 1070 or 1080 Ti variant. There would be 16-64GB of DDR 4 RAM and proper cooling system to keep the PC in proper shape. PC would also come with high quality sound system to keep the gamer satisfied. The low end variant of the PC will offer hashrates of up to 106H/s where as the top end will provide 181 MH/s.

In terms of pricing the Cashbox X Gaming comes starts at 140,000 rubles which is about $2200, it will carry a warranty of 3 years. For higher spec. variants one would have to shed more.

Users Can Earn $100 per Month by Mining

Not very long back cryptocurrency mining of altcoins was carried out even with normal spec. PC but today a high end power is needed. According to report published on Bitcoin News, Cashbox X Gaming is one of the unique solutions which can let the users mint about 0.23ETH every month which is about $100 [at the time of writing]. It would mine for coins only the PC is not being used for gaming and give a passive source of income for the owners. Crypto Technology has also offered free of cost training for mining and 24-hour support.

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