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Canada’s Global Blockchain Acquires X2 Games To Bring Revolution In Gaming Industry

Canadian Global Blockchain Technologies Corp. (BLOC) recently acquired Neil Bushnell’s X2 Games with the aim to bring revolution in the gaming industry. Global Blockchain is a crypto investment firm and is hoping that the expertise of Bushnell will help it to bring another revolution in the field of gaming albeit using blockchain technology. With this move, the Canadian company will align its efforts to bring tokenization on the gaming platform using the expertise of X2 Games.

According to reports, Global Blockchain is also planning to merge sections of its entertainment and media business with X2 Games Corp and simultaneously create a subsidiary for the exchange and enterprise activities. These activities will be run by the existing management and operational team of BLOC. X2 Games builds multiplayer gaming experiences and leverages blockchain technology for creating unique gaming experiences. The blockchain-based game publisher uses it on both conventional as well as experimental platforms.

Created by the founder of Atari Inc. and American businessman, Nolan Bushnell, and  Zai Ortiz, known for creating J.A.R.V.I.S system holograms for Iron Man, the X2 Games will now integrate blockchain technology in video games as per the directions from Global Blockchain.

Known as the “Godfather of the Video Game Industry,” Bushnell is a highly acclaimed name in the gaming industry and also a Video Game Hall of Famer, Globe Newswire reported. He has been included on the list of “50 People Who Changed America” in Newsweek.   He is known for creating blockbuster games with revolutionary and original designs. Bushnell is credited for launching the first Atari 2600 console and the Chuck E. Cheese, video game entertainment center hybrid.

Bushnell will now serve the joint venture as the co-chairman of BLOC. Voicing out his opinion on the alliance, Bushnell stated that the creativity of both the companies will help them advance in the forward direction, Bitcoin Magazine reported. He said, “Without that first charge of creativity, nothing else can take place. This acquisition by BLOC will integrate X2 Games’ innovative game development studio and intellectual property within BLOC’s portfolio of blockchain assets allowing new and revolutionary games to be developed together.”

The CEO and the President of BLOC, Shidan Gauran said that both the companies are excited to change the video gaming industry with their first projects together. He further added that his company is passionate about the integration of blockchain into real business use cases.

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