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Can Blockchain-Based Certificates End Degree Fraud In Education Field?

Issuance of blockchain-based certificates is the latest new application of the innovative technology that is expected to put an end to the degree fraud. Recently, the SP Jain School of Global Management announced that it is issuing blockchain-enabled certificates to its students.

Prior to that, the Malaysian Ministry of Education announced that it is turning to blockchain to overcome the degree fraud issues. The Ministry believes that blockchain can help in maintaining the reputation and integrity of the university, especially in the Southeast Asian country. The SP Jain School issued blockchain-based degree and professional certificates using smart contract via Ethereum platform and became the first B-school to do so.

Importantly, such certification will make it easier for the recruiting organizations to track the veracity of the certificates. The process works on a five-step automated blockchain validation and does not require any technical expertise from the validator. With such a process it will be much quicker and easier for the prospective employers as well as agencies to directly verify the credentials of the students, their authenticity and view their projects without even getting in contact with the respective universities.

According to the President of SP Jain School of Global Management Nitesh Jain, blockchain certificates are the future, reported Business World. Jain further added, “There have been various attempts globally to issue certificates on the blockchain. But so far no one has captured the complete lifecycle of the certification. Students’ attendance and other private data are securely stored in the school’s private blockchain and only the certification related data is exposed to the public Ethereum blockchain.“

Malaysian Ministry of Education is using the NEM blockchain system, the e-Scroll system to initiate the process of issuance and verification of university degrees. The idea regarding using this technology was first mooted by the Malaysian universities’ Council of ICT Deans, reported CCN.

The e-Scroll system offering blockchain-based certificates has been introduced with the hope that it will cut down the fake degree incidences in Malaysia. The Malaysian Ministry of Education in its official tweet stated that the department decided to take a decisive action for preventing the degree fraud to safeguard the integrity and reputation of universities in the country.

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