Buy Bitcoin With Debit Card: Cryptocurrency Trading News/Guide

If you are a newcomer in cryptocurrency trading, and you want to buy Bitcoin using your debit card, you need to be aware of the various safe websites that sell Bitcoin and also do good enough research on crypto tokens and update yourself with latest cryptocurrency news.

If you plan to make your first purchase using Bitcoin, we have for you a list of seven most sort after trading platforms. We will also acquaint you with the kind of websites where you can buy Bitcoin from. It is important to have a 3D-Secure debit card that is linked with your phone number that supports text code verification. Using credit cards to purchase Bitcoin can prove expensive as your bank will apply extra charges.

Type of online resources to buy Bitcoin from

You can buy crypto from three kinds of online resources – cryptocurrency brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, and peer-to-peer trading platforms.

Cryptocurrency brokers

Cryptocurrencies are sold by the broker for a fixed price, which is a little more than the market rate. This margin is called a premium which the broker keeps for himself/herself. The representatives fulfill the orders manually without any automated platforms.

Cryptocurrency exchange

It works more or less like a traditional stock exchange where the current rate is calculated as per the numerous investor’ requests, and every transaction is charged a fee. This way, the exchange acquires its revenue. Fiat exchanges accept fiat money through bank transfers, debit/credit cards or cash, and there are other pure cryptocurrency ones as well.

Peer-to-peer trading platforms

This is a direct trading platform for individuals. Here, each seller offers a particular price and buyers pick what best suits them. Sellers in this platform must first deposit cryptocurrency.

Top 7 Websites to buy Bitcoin from


There are many more exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum and other major Cryptocurrencies instantly as well.

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