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Bundil App’s CEO Dmitri Love’s Appearance On Shark Tank Gives Him $100K From Kevin O’Leary

The constant rise in the enthusiasm of the Americans in venture capitalism since the starting age of dotcom is one of the top reasons behind the massive progress of cryptocurrency industry in the US. The renowned Canadian businessman, Kevin O’Leary, who was also seen in ABC’s “Shark Tank,” has just pumped out a mammoth amount of $100K in a company that is specialized in converting spare change into Bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Dmitri Love, the Chief Executive Officer of Bundil App went on to “Shark Tank” during its latest episode that aired on October 21 and presented the app. Love offered the co-founder of O’Leary Funds a 10 percent stake in his company for $100K. He offered a 10 percent stake in exchange of the venture at the commencing phase.

Kevin O’Leary, who appears in all the seasons of “Shark Tank,” offered him the requested amount of $100K, but in returns, he demanded a 50-50 partnership in Dmitri Love’s new venture. However, Bundil App’s CEO looked depressed with the offer saying that “50 percent is a lot.” Ultimately in begrudging sentiment he accepted the investment offered by the 64-year old Canadian businessman. With this influx of fund in Bundil, the company is now having the star power, as reported by CCN.

Dmitri Love said while at the show that his crypto journey commenced 3 years back when he enrolled himself in a biochemistry-focused undergraduate program at the University of Arkansas. He also underwent knee surgery due to injury he received while playing soccer. It was that time he shifted his focus to software design.

“I’m a web developer myself, and I wanted to invest in cryptocurrency, and my family also wanted to invest,” he said, CoinGape noted.

After getting financial help from Kevin O’Leary on the platform of Shark Tank, Bundil is further expected to get more people into the world of cryptocurrency, even those users who do not understand crypto game. Adopted in a large scale will make a wider adaption of crypto.

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