BTCC Launches Revamped Cryptocurrency Exchange with Plans for Own Token

BTCC, aka BTC China, is one amongst the longest running and prime 3 cryptocurrency exchanges in the country. It has declared the relaunch of services when being closed for over nine-months following the government. stifling operations on cryptocurrencies. It additionally disclosed plans to launch its own token in future.

The revamped exchange can support each crypto-to-fiat and crypto solely commerce pairs with pairs together with Bitcoin, Bitcoin money, Ethereum, and Litecoin. As a region of their commit to revive the exchange business, BTCC is introducing a system by that users may be rewarded with points with language up and completion of the verification method and commerce method. The points are going to be totally regenerate into tokens which might be more listed on its platform.

The exchange failed to reveal the precise time of token supply solely spoken language it’ll be issued in next few months. the availability of tokens are going to be restricted and no exhausting cap has been set nonetheless. more down the road, the exchange plans to list additional cryptocurrencies and additionally ERC-20 tokens.

The revamped exchange are going to be providing increased liquidity and also as faster deposits and withdrawal services. Tighter bid-offer spreads are also being offered to enhance trading experience.

The plan to reward with own token has been the newest trend with Chinese exchanges, additionally referred to as “trans-fee mining”. According to Coindesk, the system reimburses users transaction fees with a platform’s own tokens, the model that BTCC is probably going to be following with a tweak that tokens will solely be ransomed at a later stage.

BTCC was the world’s 1st cryptocurrency exchange that was got wind of 2011 and was thought of China’s original huge 3 exchanges however because of govt. the crackdown, it had to shut its operations. Currently, BTCC has heterogenous into 3 main areas: the exchange, a mining pool, and its Mobi case

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