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British Millennial Men Prefer Bitcoin Over Real Estate For Investments

Get Living a UK based Real Estate developer conducted a survey which stated that about 27% of male population in England preferred to invest in Bitcoin over Real Estate. It seems that millennial were more interested in the quick returns provided by bit coins than stead rise with real estate.

The study was conducted on the millennial and it seems that they do not want to follow the path of house owning parents, but want to have a quicker and easier more for their investments.

But the results of the survey should not be surprising as even before preference of millennial for cryptocurrency over real estate had emerged in findings. In November 2017, Venture Capital company Blockchain Capital conducted a survey in US where people of age 18-34 participated. Survey stated that people preferred cryptocurrency more than government bonds or stock. In the study organized my VC 27% of people preferred to own crypto worth $1000 than owning stocks of same value. If we consider only male population than the number swells to 38%.

The biggest reason for the shift in mindset is the fast the male millennial are more aware about bitcoins. Survey reveals that about 42% of male millennial knew about bitcoins. On the other hand only 15% of senior citizen (65 years or older) knew about existence of Bitcoin.

According to Bitcoin News, another study which was conducted on one thousand college students in US by Pollfish on behalf of The Student Loan Report stated that about 21% of the students have invested their financial aid in cryptocurrencies.

It appears that the benefits of investment in cryptocurrency has attracted millennial. Consider the current trend the future of Bitcoins seems very bright. The fact that it is easiest and an high returning investments makes it a perfect option of those who do not want to wait.

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