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BRI Collaborates With WISeKey For Development Of UID On New Blockchain Technology

New blockchain technology will be pushed forward with the collaboration of WISeKey International Holding Ltd and The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI). The leading Switzerland based cybersecurity and IoT Company made an official announcement today about their joining to the autonomous global think-tank BRI’s unique category of participants dedicated to developing distributed ledger technology.

The Blockchain Research Institute brings together the leading establishment of the world to make pioneering research on this emerging future technology while WISeKey is a leading name in the field of Digital Identification from last 2 decades. Their most successful innovation is Root of Trust (RoT) which is termed as an omnipresent version with approximately 4 billion downloads and installs on the Internet.

WISeKey’s CertifyID is one product which implements new blockchain technology in the Digital Identity. The CertifyID BlockChain is a twin factor authentication powered by blockchain and it is said to be growing constantly with several new identity blocks are being added to it with several novel sets of recordings. A single node of CertifyID receives a copy and is downloaded by design on joining in the given network. This system is completely designed to work on a decentralized network and is capable of being operated at both local and national levels with the help of distributed ledger run by trusted parties. (Via GlobeNewswire)

WISeKey Founder and CEO, Carlos Moreira stated that for many years the firms have used digital identities for many purposes like voting electronically, accessing health care records and financial transactions but this is another step beyond the conventional uses of Digital Identities. He further added that both BRI and WISeKey are leading names in this field and have a long way to go together.

WISeKey Goals

WISeKey is aiming to create a Digital Identity New Blockchain Technology Platform CertifyID which will have the Legal Digital Identity of every person on this planet by the year 2030. This project has been aligned with the eminent United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as mentioned by WISeKey official site.

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