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Breaking Blockchain News: Indian Municipal Corporation Adopts New System For Issuing Birth Certificate

The latest blockchain news update has given a clear indication of how serious Indian government is regarding the adoption of this new age technology. After stepping into finance, automobile, and real-sector, blockchain has found a new place in the massive government corporation of the municipality. They have adopted the platform of Lynked that offers a blockchain based solution to the day-to-day activities of the municipality such as ID verification solution.

According to News BTC, the recent blockchain news has brought in a revolutionary platform within the government system. Lynked is an encryption-based technique developed by a company based in Hoofddorp, Netherlands which makes the process of ID verification very simple for employers, citizens, administrators and government officials. The know-how app of Lynked is already made available on Google Play or App Store.

How Lynked Works?

It is based on blockchain technology which permits the user to digitally authenticate their personal, professional and educational information within the peer-to-peer network. The user, in this case, has been given the entire control of the vital data which can be shared easily with other departments. Once the verification is done, the data then can be accessed via unique QR code. The main objective of this app is to facilitate convenience and secured ownership of the data to the applicants and citizens. With the help of this technology, they will be able to authenticate or verify the information irrespective of the place.

Founder and CEO of Lynked, Arun Kumar, stated that the digital verification of identity is the future of data management. He further added that this technology will make the government system more efficient and cost-effective. The government agency must ensure that they are dealing with a right person which is time-consuming and the digital verification is a completely hassle-free process. In a densely populated country like India, this cannot be less than a boon to the government system.

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