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Brazil’s Presidential Candidate Registers His Government Action Plan On Blockchain

The Brazilian presidential candidate Fernando Haddad registered his government’s action plan on blockchain very recently.

Incidentally, Haddad is not the only candidate from Brazil to use blockchain technology for elections. During the first round of elections in Brazil in 2018, several candidates supported the use of blockchain technology. Presidential candidates including Jao Amoedo and Marina Silva also supported the use of blockchain. Marina used the technology for registering donations for funding her campaign while Amoedo advocated creating a digital government.

In the second round of the election campaign, blockchain is being favored by Haddad who has decided to register his government plan on the DLT-enabled platform. He has recorded Haddad 13 Government Plan on the blockchain platform. Haddad has decided to take the step to stop his news from getting disseminated.

Haddad chose the platform of OriginalMy, which is a Brazilian company to execute his action plan. The platform approved the registration of Haddad in Decred’s blockchain on October 14, 2018. The step is taken by Haddad indeed very much needed as the latest poll statistics carried out by BTG Pactual has revealed that the fake news circulation has increased manifold since the last few years, Criptomoedas facil reported.

The study says that 47 percent of WhatsApp users received 87 percent faked political information through their messaging application. The survey took the opinion of around 2,000 people. According to Cointelegraph, in the 2018 first round elections, Haddad along with Manuela d’Avila, who is the running candidate for vice-presidency won around 30 percent of the overall vote. However, they lost to Jair Bolsonaro, who is a far-right candidate.

Haddad is known for centering his election action plan around innovative technology using free software for enhancing transparency and impact, obrasilfelizdenovo reported.

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