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Blockpass Partners With Holdex To Offer Uninterrupted Compliant Interaction Platform

Blockpass, a digital identity verification platform has invested in Holdex to provide a premium compliant ICO platform.

This platform will be fully integrated and cloud-based which would provide all the necessary help to ICO, Token distributors, and Token sellers.

Security is one of the most important aspects of digital trading and to provide security verification which plays an important role. Blockpass is one such service which provides identification of humans, objects, and devices to ensure that there is legitimacy to the proceedings. With the help of Blockpass, a new development of those applications can be enabled which require a trusted connection between two sources.

Holdex, on the other hand, is a service which strives to make ICO easy and affordable with the help of flexible, reliable, and user-friendly tools which can help in crowdfunding campaigns. Holdex will make sure that all the campaigns will be secure and follow the rules and guidelines with the top KYC and AML checks.

As both the service providers are integrating with each other to provide a painless registration of investors, and all the process will be followed with proper rules and guidelines. The new system will be a complete cloud-based system which can ensure that optimum ease of doing work.

Upcoming Blockpass Projects

Blockpass has recently launched its own Token distribution network which will be active from 31st May to 30th November. There would be about 250 mn pass tokens available on the network. Blockpass Airdrop will be open for user registration with the help of partner Infinito Wallet will 12th of August and will have about 2 mn Pass tokens available.

According to reports published in Asia One, Blockpass has announced many key collaborations with many interesting projects in its pipeline. The Premium ICO compliant platform is certainly something which would interest many organizations.

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