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Blockchain Tutorial And Courses Map Route For Digital Transformation

Blockchain tutorial and courses have started making their way into mainstream education. Several leading universities have already begun the courses for engineering graduates who are willing to pursue a career in the field of blockchain technology. These courses are mainly aimed towards bridging the gap between the rapidly changing technological environment and the global industry requirements.

Indeed, there has been a scarcity in the rapidly growing blockchain technology industry. These courses will eventually help in filling up the lacuna that has been created in recent years. This technology was originally developed to form an underlying structure of cryptocurrency trade but it busted out with amazing features and made its way to almost all the commercial sectors as of now.

The major concern that has been touted with the elevation of ledger powered systems was the growing shortage of blockchain developers and related job streams. In order to bridge the gap, there is a real-time demand for creating blockchain tutorials and study programs available to the budding generation of engineers.

In the latest addition to this, The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF) has begun the first of its kind Blockchain Academy which will offer Blockchain Professional Qualification Programme along with workshops and masterclasses as mentioned by BIBF. This program is open for both IT professionals and business professionals who wish to expand their trade practices in the blockchain sector.

Future Of Blockchain Technology

According to Forbes, there has been an enormous demand of blockchain developers in the market. Tech giant like Mastercard and IBM have filed over more than 80 patents for blockchain driven products and applications. There are many more such companies who are in the race but they are struggling to find skilled talent for developing their initiatives.

Not just the colleges the companies are also making blockchain tutorial and courses as per their needs, which not just offers study material but also they give explanation and understanding of better job prospects in this industry.

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