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Blockchain Trends 2019 Brings Digital Transformation Of Business

The blockchain trends of 2019 are likely to bring in major changes in the digitization business.  There has been a rapid expansion in the niche of distributed ledger lately which has also impacted the business of other technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. Certainly, they all are going to make a huge impact this year with several prestigious projects and application coming up based on them across all industries.

The Chief Technology Officer of IBM India/South Asia, Subram Natarajan supported that fact that the emerging technology blockchain has high potential to bring in the transformation which can change the traditional way of business transactions and payment methods. However, he also added that cloud computing will continue to remain foundational in its role within enterprises. AI, on the other hand, will open opportunities for exploration, innovation, and creation of novel products and services as mentioned by Live Mint.

Many of the surveys have also predicted that these are the three future technologies which will run the entire global commercial market after several years. There is both excitement and fear about all of them as they are still evolving and there is still quite a lot of time required from them to stabilize. Well, some industry experts also believe that they might not live up to the hype of what has been projected about them. So far now, the blockchain trends of 2019 seem achievable with some projects delivering their desired objectives.

Can Blockchain Ever Make Its Way To The Mainstream Commerce?

According to Financial Express, this can be the most uncertain prediction which can’t be done at the moment but blockchain is certainly the most hyped new technologies in the age of digitization. Some of the features of this technology such as security, the immutability of the network and monitoring of transaction do have a high demand in the market. But, the integration and complete replacement of the existing systems with blockchain cannot be done as of now. There are still many challenges which have to be taken care of. The blockchain trends include these upgrades which will resolve these issues in the coming time.

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