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Blockchain Tehnology Lab To Solve Wholesale Business Support Systems Challenges

CSG introduced a blockchain technology lab on April 2, 2019. The lab is created for a wholesale business support systems (BSS) industry. Various blockchain applications will be leveraged and new blockchain applications will be explored through the lab. The main purpose of the lab is to solve those challenges which are faced by the industry.

CSG is considered as a BSS industry leader. It has a long-standing track record in various sectors [inter-carrier billing and settlement, trading, QoS assurance, and routing]. It helps 300+ operators and carriers around the globe. It has 35+ years of experiences in providing solutions [revenue management, customer experience, and digital monetization]. All these solutions are provided to customers.

Different ways of the blockchain can be identified for facilitating a wholesale settlement between carriers and their partners. Expertise in interconnect and wholesale can be used for identifying all these ways and CSG will use its expertise. The main purpose of identifying the wholesale settlement is to help customers with different services. It is stated that the blockchain technology can minimize a huge time which usually takes for the wholesale settlement.

More About CSG

Business operations can be conducted and various customers can be catered through business support systems (BSS) adoption and most telecommunication and service providers adopt BSS. Angola Telecom is one of the Angola-based telecommunication and internet service providers who has made a partnership with Satec. A revenue management solution called CSG Interconnect will be deployed through the partnership. The solution will be used for wholesale operations. Whereas Satec is a partner of CSG. CSG is a multinational company located in the United States. The company helps the telecommunication industry with BSS solution and services, Market Reports World reported.

The head of global product management at CSG Chad Dunavant said, “In an era where change is the new constant, it is imperative companies look to innovation and technology as a means to keep pace with consumer demand. Our leadership and knowledge in the wholesale space creates a competitive edge to identify opportunities where blockchain technology can harness success for our customers.”

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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