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Blockchain Technology To Ensure Authentication Of Educational Certificates

The Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation Sony Corporation collaborated with the Japanese multinational information technology equipment and services company Fujitsu Ltd. in order to develop a blockchain technology-based mechanism with the aim of ensuring the authentication of educational certificates. The mechanism will help those foreigners who want to obtain resident status for studying in Japan and prevent those forged Japanese proficiency documents which are made for these foreigners.

Foreigners will submit the certificates to the Japanese Immigration Bureau in order to study in Japan. The main work of this Bureau is to specify whether they passed Japanese language proficiency tests and can take a Japanese language course. Japanese language educational institutions will issue the certificates. Whereas Japanese language schools will submit the documents to the Bureau.

In order to develop the mechanism, Fujitsu and Sony combined the online learning system of Fujitsu with that blockchain technology which is developed by Sony Global Education Inc which is a subsidiary of Sony.

In this month end, the mechanism will be tested at that Human Academy Japanese Language School which provides education services and operates technical training schools and kids schools in a few places like Tokyo, Osaka, and Saga. Sony and Fujitsu will check for those problems which occur during the test. It will be difficult to counterfeit data as it is managed in several computers. the mechanism promotion will be carried out to other Japanese language schools, The Asahi Shimbun reported.

EchoLink is a blockchain technology-based system whose main work is to authenticate university degree certificates and employment history along with other professional credentials. It has services like EkoLink who provides employers and recruiters with that information which is trustable. It is stated that helping to build institutional trust through immutability and time stamping functions of blockchain technology can be done, The Next Web reported.

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