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Blockchain Technology To Be Used In Soccer Games

Soccer games are probably the first stream of sports which will leverage blockchain technology. In a recent update, it is revealed that this emerging technology can probably disturb football academies across the continents of Asia and Africa by beginning the direct investment to the players for the first time in the history. In addition to this, it can almost certainly encourage the local economy by offering educational services in the academics, which will be open for the community members.

The main concern here is the prohibitive nature of the youth in the African countries which is going to affect several players in the field of athletics and football. It is widely known that many of the players are making their livelihood from these sports.

Modern soccer games are run by large firms and deals which come from multi-billion-dollar sponsorship. The players are the key factors of this entire structure who in turn also have a vested interest in making the game profitable. However, the attention on the wealth part has overpowered the talent search outside the European continent. (Via Forbes)

Role Of Blockchain In Soccer

Bitcademy, a novel Poland based startup has been set up with an objective to bring the player investment directly through the platform of blockchain technology. Their prime concern remains to identify, search and develop the pool of talent along with providing educational opportunity to the youth of African countries.

On the other hand, there are several firms which are directly working with football clubs to improve their operational performance. A Malta-based firm Socios believes that their system is capable of providing their fans the ability to vote on the different features of soccer club governance through a blockchain based system.

Socios CEO Alexandre Dreyfus mentioned that this is a unique platform for sports lovers. He also added that blockchain technology brings an eloquent and practical way to run soccer games clubs.

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