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Blockchain Technology To Be Used In Denver And South Australian Elections

Denver voters will use a blockchain technology-based smartphone app in Denver mayoral election in May 2019. This upcoming voting will be a pilot program to use the blockchain. The American internet retailer, Inc will work with Tusk Philanthropies for introducing the pilot program.

Medici Ventures was launched in 2014. It is a blockchain subsidiary of, Inc. The main purpose of the subsidiary is to implement the blockchain to existing markets. The blockchain implementation is for eliminating middlemen, democratizing capital and re-humanizing commerce. The subsidiary has many portfolio companies. The blockchain is introduced to various industries (capital markets, property, voting, money and banking, supply chain, and identity) by these portfolio companies. Voatz is a voting portfolio company of the subsidiary.

Voatz is known as a mobile elections platform who will leverage existing smartphone security protocols and the blockchain technology in order to facilitate this upcoming voting. The platform has cast 80,000+ votes and 30+ elections since June 2016.

The CEO and co-founder at Voatz Nimit Sawhney said, “With this pilot program, Denver is leading the effort to make voting more convenient, accessible and secure for deployed military personnel and overseas US citizens. The latest developments in smartphone hardware, encryption and blockchain technology make mobile voting a reality. This is a significant stepping stone that I hope many other states and cities will follow,” GlobeNewswire reported.

The South Australian Government has collaborated with Horizon State in order to conduct a blockchain technology-based public election for the Recreational Fishing Advisory Council. The community engagement platform of Horizon State can be used to register election votes and the government will use the platform. The decision-making process will be facilitated for improving the nation’s economy. The country faces the underlying challenges related to large populations displacement. The platform uses blockchain technology to address such challenges and reduce fraud voting. It is stated that the blockchain implementation will give transparency, accountability, and immutability to this democratic voting, Block Tribune reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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