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Blockchain Technology Revamps Orders, Facilities For Labour Welfare Across Globe

Blockchain technology is now being looked upon for the social welfare causes. It has already been picked up by humanitarian agencies like the United Nations for the benefit of less privileged. The latest update has come from the United States wherein three major firms have come together to support and improve labor welfare via the blockchain-based system. U.S. think-tank New America, Harvard University’s public health graduate school and renowned apparel brand Levi Strauss & Co have collaborated for a very noble cause.

All of them will together work for the development of a system powered by the future technology blockchain for the augmentation of auditing about factory health and safety provisions. The self-reporting is said to be done by the workers itself. Indeed, this is certainly one of the most unique applications of this amazing technology until now. The debut of the blockchain-powered survey will be done in the coming months at the Levi Strauss factories located in Mexico which employees about 5,000 workers as mentioned by UK Reuters.

Blockchain software company Consensys will assist in providing the project’s blockchain solution. The idea is to lay out an annual worker survey on the blockchain technology network for the participants to make a transparent evaluation regarding the working conditions of their workplace. New America’s Blockchain Trust Accelerator (BTA) founder Tomicah Tillemann stated that this novel system will help in providing standardized, secure and transparent labor welfare facilities with this medium.

Blockchain Can Curb Labour Exploitation

According to Gulf News, blockchain technology-based solutions can help in stamping out exploitation. The UAE government is taking major steps regarding the recruitment of migrant workers. The government will very soon adopt a blockchain-based system that will help in maintaining transparency of this entire process such that it will become open to all on the ledger. Blockchain has become significantly omnipresent in our lives.

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