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Blockchain Technology In India Cut Back Spam Calls

Blockchain technology in India has laid its foundation with the maiden event held at Hyderabad recently. Organizations including private and government sector have started adopting this new technology into their respective domains. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has taken a major step to curb spam calls with the help of this encryption-based technique. The prime objective is to relieve customers from the menace of unwanted messages and spam calls.

According to the South China Morning Post, it is stated that the use of blockchain technology in India will create a database of the information about those who make a telemarketing call and send commercial messages in bulk. The information will be accessed on a real-time basis under the complete control of privacy.

The telecom management in India is said to have delegated the management of customer information of various companies which are now updating the records and entries in their databases. In addition to this, the regulator is also looking forward to the acknowledgment of the client’s grievances and preferences within 15 minutes and not unlike the older system which kept them on hold for a week.

Also, it has been suggested to incorporate the use of artificial intelligence in identifying digital signatures of those who make automated calls in bulk. However, it is not yet approved and has been taken under discussion by the telecom authority.

Hong Kong Follows The Trail

It is alleged that Hong Kong is under the process of adopting a similar blockchain based automated system for tracking customer preferences of do-not-call registries. It usually takes two weeks there to stop receiving pre-recorded messages or cold calls. The Indian telecom system allows the customer to select the time and source to receive a commercial message.

Blockchain technology in India has stepped out of cryptocurrency efficiently and has moved to various domains like education, infrastructure, automobile, and finance to name a few.

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