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Blockchain Technology In India Begins Its Role, Records First Birth Certificate

Blockchain technology based identification system is likely to replace the biometrics in the coming age as it can store huge amount of data which includes personal information, professional records, and ownership documents in a highly secured network. In fact, it has already begun with the blockchain enabled birth certificate which was issued in Kolkata, India recently. Divit Biyani, the month old boy was issued the very first ledger secured birth certificate recently.

The birth certificate was issued by the New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA). A virtual block in the highly secured network of blockchain represents the information stored in the decentralized ledger.

The core difference between blockchain and a normal birth certificate is that a blockchain technology enabled certificate has an additional level of security and it remains immune to any kind of cyber attack because of its multi-level encryption as mentioned by state IT&E additional chief secretary and NKDA chairman Debashis Sen, as published on The Times Of India.

Benefits Of Blockchain-Based Identification Systems

The digital identification system is much more evident and required than ever before. The documents and information stored in any blockchain network become accessible to the participants across the globe in a tampered proof ecosystem. In addition to this, a digital identity system is not necessarily linked with the citizenship; hence it can work independently from government bureaucracy, as stated by The Blockchain Land.

Digital identity or blockchain identification system can make a revolutionary change in the lives of migrated people or refugees. Also, it can be helpful for them while they move back to their homeland in proving what assets they had before being displaced.

Organizations like United Nations and various NGO’s have come forward to make a global partnership with companies like Microsoft and Accenture dubbed as ID 2020 which is focusing on the launch of a blockchain technology based identification system for enhancing the efficiency of development aid.

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