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Blockchain Technology In Education Enhances Validation And Maintenance Of Digital Records

Blockchain technology in education is now being picked up by the institutions for validation and maintenance of the records. It is one of the long and tedious processes for the colleges to go through every year with new student intake. Also, it is not just restricted to the cross-check of documents but also how the students can communicate their academic success to the employers. One such collaboration between ODEM and GE GeniusLink is making this feasible for academic validations.

ODEM is a blockchain-enabled platform where students can generate and ask for services related to education programs. Educational service providers, as well as educators, will then receive requests for such programs which will be completed through a smart contract-based payment gateway. On the other hand, GE GeniusLink is a portal for connecting experts and consultant.

Their collaboration will enhance the role of blockchain technology in education through academic validation. According to the agreement GE GeniusLink will be getting blockchain advancements and technical help as required by the experts and consultants while ODEM will focus on the validation of certificates for freelance talent. Both the firms will make sure that there is a surety about their rendered services towards the clientele which must be satisfying and up to their standards.

ODEM’s CEO Richard Maaghul emphasized that the blockchain integration will help in the improvisation of business practices and leveraging the best potential of this emerging technology as mentioned by Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

Blockchain Is The Transformative Technology In Education

According to EdSurge, the vice president of technology and innovation at Oral Roberts University Michael Mathews who is also an expert of blockchain industry describe it as a new version of internet aka internet 4.

This technology can play a vital role in revamping the entire operating model of the education sector. The documents stored in a digital form on a blockchain network can be accessed instantly by the student without bringing up college into it. Blockchain technology in education seems to have already begun with the transformation and slowly it will take over the conventional methods completely.

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