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Blockchain Technology In Education Brings With Issuing Of Digital Diplomas

Blockchain technology in education has finally found its way through Blockcerts. This is an open standard and global platform for creating, viewing, issuing and verifying all sorts of official records via blockchain technology which also serves as a secured anchor of trust and privacy. The educational institutes are now earning a hi-tech reputation with the integration of this future technology within their systems. This way of learning is considered as the most liberated form of learning and sharing information believing in a simple fact that knowledge is not something that is safeguarded.

Many universities have already begun using blockcerts which also includes the University of Bahrain (UOB) in their list. This is going to be one of the first universities in Middle-East which has open the doors for blockchain enabled certification in collaboration with Learning Machine, the market leading firm in blockcerts credential issuing systems. The introduction of blockcerts is a part of UOB’s digitization strategy for global learners and workers.

University of Bahrain President, Riyad Hamzah stated that the blockchain technology in education will be used to serve better to their students who will have their own digital record or file which will require no validation of credentials again and again. He also added that Bahrain embraces technological advancements and has a wider vision for 2030 economic vision which requires significant progress to achieve that as mentioned by Trade Arabia.

Blockchain Reaching Universities

Blockchain has made its way to the educational institutes in the form of blockers which can access academic records, access transcripts, and their validation. According to Forbes, the future education credentials need to be both verifiable and secure which goes hand-in-hand with blockchain based services and products.

Blockchain technology in education is also finding its way to the institutes in the form of diplomas and certification which will help the professionals to explore their knowledge about these emerging industries.

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