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Blockchain Technology In Biometrics For Travel Security And Combating Identity Theft

Blockchain technology in Biometrics could be used for Travel Security. A blockchain event called the JetBlue Technology Ventures held on 20 March 2019, in New York City.

The managing director of IBM Blockchain Ventures David Post has put a question about a blockchain application related to data protection. The answer of the program manager at U.S. Customs and Border Protection Sikina Hasham was biometric tracking.

Hasham said, “Our primary goal is security, but also facilitating trade and travel. Blockchain is relatively new for us, we have trialed some blockchain technology in the trade space… in the travel space, we are still working on figuring out how industry stakeholders in the technology space will help us get a better sense of [the uses of blockchain]… privacy and decentralized information are some of the challenges we as a government organization have a legal obligation to protect.”

On September 2018, Distilled Analytics has made a partnership with Shyft Network in order to launch a next-generation biometric solution which is based on the blockchain. It was stated that the solution would not only leverage the blockchain, but also artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. The purpose of the solution was to combat identity theft.

The CEO and Founder David Shrier at Distilled Analytics said, “We are experiencing a global identity crisis of epic proportions. The costs associated with managing identity and compliance in financial services alone are spiraling up despite a multi-decade effort to address the problem.  New solutions, based on advanced data science techniques and machine learning innovations, are needed to not only stem the tide, but tackle the issue at the root cause. Our unique partnership with Shyft Network will help to finally deliver a reprieve from these bad actors while simultaneously creating the opportunity for greater digital and financial inclusion,” Biometric update reported.

It is stated that streamlining and securing data across governments can be done through the blockchain technology. The airline and technology folks talked about the blockchain as a travel solution, Skift reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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