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Blockchain Technology Ecosystem Cube Chain Introduces Test-net To Provide High Transaction Per Sec

A blockchain technology ecosystem called Cube Chain who has introduced a platform called Test-net on April 14, 2019. The platform provides a high transaction per second (TPS). 10,000+ TPS is possible through the platform.

Cube Chain has five services viz., Qblog, CubeChat, AI Service Manager (ASM), SignOne and Cube Chain Product. 24 data and special blocks are created by the ecosystem. They are put into the cube. The special blocks consist of an escrow function block, data index block, and data statistics processing block.

The CEO of Cube System Kim Dong Oh said, “Cube Chain, as a global blockchain, has the potential for a variety of different applications while working with various industries focusing on the e-commerce field thanks to its multiple security levels, fast processing speeds, and diverse applications. We have developed a user-friendly, corporation-friendly, and developer-friendly blockchain, that will allow it to become mainstream. It will gradually offer a more complete service to users.”

The developers of the blockchain technology ecosystem Cube Chain has developed a unique algorithm. The main purpose of the unique algorithm is to create the platform. Cube Chain didn’t use open source materials for the platform creation. It is stated that the platform is a 100% self-developed program.

Cube Wallet is a wallet site allowing for QUB tokens management. It has a coupon generation, address book, POS voting, message management, debit card, escrow, and API. Whereas an explorer called Cube Scan which is used for cubes and cube chain blocks. Data blocks and transactions in cubes, cubing and special blocks can be checked through Cube Scan. Transactions can also be verified and validated through Cube Scan. It provides openness to Cube Chain, Cubechain reported.

It is stated that the blockchain technology usage will be revolutionized. Users will not only be provided with a friendly environment for transactions but also for instant searches. They will be provided with more information related to transactions and Cube Chain Wallet, GlobeNewswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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