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Blockchain Technology Development: IT Giant Tech Mahindra Begins Developing Ledger Ecosystem

The Indian government has definitely turned a blind eye towards cryptocurrency but they do have a keen interest in the blockchain technology development. There have been several pilot projects already running in different part of India powered by blockchain. But one state, in particular, Andhra Pradesh has been very actively promoting the usage of the blockchain.

APIS – Andhra Pradesh Innovation Society that is based in the southern state has been an avid promoter of blockchain at a different level within the government. In fact, the IT giant Tech Mahindra’s Foundation Eleven01 has made an alliance with APIS for developing the blockchain infrastructure in the state. This includes all sorts of training, educational and all sorts of events related to blockchain technology.

Bot APIS and Eleven01 are looking forward to creating a blockchain community through activities, events and mentorship programs to foster the talent in this industry. The prime focus of this partnership is to work on the blockchain technology development in Andhra Pradesh.

The IT Advisor and Special Chief Secretary to the Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister, J A Chowdary has come out in the support and stated that the government appreciates this association which will bring in advanced innovation in the field of blockchain to the state of Andhra Pradesh as mentioned by CCN.

According to CoinDesk, the government of Andhra Pradesh has already signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Covalent Fund earlier this year for the launch of blockchain University which is supported with an initial amount of $10 million. The state has been working proactively for the deployment of blockchain in suitable areas.

Indian And Blockchain: The Love-Hate Relationship

Indian government initially hesitated to come out in the support of blockchain as it has emerged from the cryptocurrency domain. There has been a ban imposed on the crypto trade earlier this year which has not yet been lifted up. The government took quite a lot of time in clearing their stand on cryptocurrency and blockchain separately. However, the acceptance of blockchain technology development seems to have gained momentum.

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