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Blockchain Technology Courses Begins Digitization Of Education

Blockchain technology courses have made their ways to world-leading universities which have acknowledged its importance and have included this ledger form within their curriculums. This year has been very significant and transformative for this ledger form as it has found its niche in the commercial market not as an alternative currency component but in the form of an enterprise solution. With so much demand of blockchain, it is definitely necessary to maintain the education know-how and skill gap of the blockchain. Therefore, the role of education is far the most important in order to bridge the skill set requirements of the future.

The students must get prepared to deal with this wave of future technology which will become omnipresent across the globe in all the sectors within the next few years. It is highly possible that blockchain will replace several existing platforms in banks, supply chain, health care and operations. The top-notch universities like Virginia Tech and NYU have foreseen the skill gap and have begun to engage the students with blockchain in their careers. Study of blockchain technology will further help in capitalizing several STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) in jobs like encrypting the data, as mentioned by Forbes.

Since this is relatively new and emerging technology there aren’t many opportunities available for K-12 students, although independent blockchain technology courses and certification are available. A good approach must begin with the introduction of networking and relevant math skill at a younger age while advanced learning at a later stage which probably will spark the interest of students in cryptocurrency as well. The experts believe that beginning with the STEM education will provide better learning and understanding of this new domain.

Latest Blockchain Course

According to The Straits Times, a beginner’s course is introduced at Singapore Polytechnic (SP) after analyzing the growing demand of blockchain skilled resource in the market. This program is targeted for working professionals which will include curriculum on cryptocurrencies, developing smart contracts and setting up of blockchain networks. The blockchain technology courses will also enable the students to explore the impact of the distributed ledger on the financial sector.

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