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Blockchain Technology Conference EPO: Patent And Requirements Of Future

Blockchain technology conference held by European Patent Office (EPO) initiated at Hague in the presence of blockchain industry exquisites from all over the world.  The conference was all about the blockchain technology patents available and the projected ones that will be debuting very soon in the market. The chief concern of this gathering is to understand and explore the techniques that are applicable in this emerging industry. Along with this, the participants received further clarity on blockchain patent registration and the process ahead as an applicant.

The beginning of the conference was marked by the keynote speech covering domains of blockchain basics, principles, key areas, future impact and provisions for this industry. The panel marked the opening of the blockchain congregation with the discussion on the future plans and unique adoption techniques of digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain.

European Patent Office President António Campinos stated that this blockchain technology conference is all about the fourth industrial revolution that is already gaining momentum. He further added that all the patents are closely examined by EPO within their criteria and laws related to the domain of computer-implemented inventions. This conference discussed the concerns of patent review and their adoption from both examiners and external stakeholder’s point of view as mentioned by EPO.

Blockchain Patents In Europe

According to Inventa, there is a slight difference in the patent of a software and technical solution. A non-patentable blockchain technology can possibly be software which performs the task such as reservation and payment timing documentation, while patentable blockchain software can be one that increases security and transaction. Therefore, it clearly depends on what category the product or service falls into.

This blockchain technology conference perhaps defines a roadmap for the future considerations of a blockchain patent. There is an immense growth in the research and development of this future technology which will result in a large number of blockchain patents in the coming days.

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