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Blockchain Technology-based Research Project To Be Carried Out Under Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative Framework

A blockchain technology-based research project will be carried out under a framework of a nonprofit smart mobility consortium called Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative (MOBI). Promoting blockchain standards in the mobility industry is a purpose of MOBI. Almost 150 businesses and organizations take part in the not for profit smart mobility consortium MOBI. A vehicle manufacturer called General Motors, a US-based company called Ford Motor, and a Germany-based company called BMW Group are the members of MOBI.
Honda Motor Company is a multinational conglomerate company who has joined hands with the Vehicle manufacturer General Motors for the project. Electric vehicles for stabilizing the power supply in the next-generation smart grids could be determined through the project. Smart grids use renewable energies, and solar and wind power are these renewable energies. Both companies can develop ways. Facilitating information retrieval is a purpose behind the ways development.
The multinational conglomerate company Honda Motor Company collaborated with MOBI in the month of April. There are other prospective partners too. They will probably join after some time. The research project will be started in May 2019.
The nonprofit smart mobility consortium MOBI is actually known as an international consortium of automotive, IT and other businesses. Exploring blockchain technology & related technologies and promoting standards are missions of MOBI. Accelerating the adoption for industry, consumers, and communities benefits is one more mission.
Honda Motor Company and General Motors are developing EVs batteries for the market in North America. Honda Motor Company will sell EVs in Europe in 2019. Whereas almost 20,000 units of a flagship EV Chevrolet Volt were sold by General Motors in 2018. Both companies bring their expertise in a battery charging. They don’t only bring their expertsie in the battery charging, but they also bring their expertise in power control. EVs owners can store power in car batteries. They can also exchange it with the grid for earning fees. They can generate revenues, Nikkei Asian Review reported.
Helping the mobility industry in implementing secure and peer-to-peer blockchain technology is a purpose behind the creation of MOBI. Congestion and pollution can be reduced and safety can be improved. Creating interoperability standards for a mobility blockchain is a goal of MOBI. Supporting an efficient digital and multi-sided mobility marketplace development is also their goal, according to the official LinkedIn account of Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative [MOBI].
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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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