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Blockchain Technology-based Documents Will Be Given To SAIT Class Of 2019

Blockchain technology-based documents will be given to SAIT Class of 2019. SAIT Class of 2019 will also be provided with traditional parchments. Graduates will be facilitated in sharing their academic achievements directly with recruiters and potential employers worldwide.

On-Demand Education Marketplace (ODEM) is a blockchain-based marketplace who had made a partnership with the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology (SAIT) in December 2018. The partnership started as a pilot project. The pilot project is an Ethereum blockchain-based pilot project. Twenty-five graduates are included from the Pre-Employment Automotive Service Technician program in the pilot.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at ODEM Richard Maaghul said, “Education is one of life’s most valuable assets. We believe that students should have control over their own records, and blockchain technology makes that possible.”

The blockchain is a decentralized digital ledger using cryptography in order to assure security and authenticity. It can verify academic credentials validity easily and efficiently.

ODEM is an Ethereum blockchain-based platform. It is an education and employment provider. Various courses are provided through ODEM. Opportunities to earn credentials, showcase skills, and connect with employers are also provided through ODEM. Making education and employment more affordable, accessible, verifiable, and transferable is a purpose of ODEM.

SAIT was set up in 1916. 50,000 students are helped per year with over 100 career programs and 1,300 part-time courses. SAIT students careers are ensured through collaborations of action-based learning, solution-focused research, and enterprising with industry partners, GlobeNewswire reported.

When the partnership started in December 2018, issuing blockchain technology-based academic certificates to a selected group of SAIT students was a purpose. Maaghul added, “I’m very excited for SAIT, its students, faculty, and staff whose passion is to shape a new world as entrepreneurs and leaders. What a great way to fulfill their mission by becoming the first Canadian school to securely store and share its students’ accomplishments with the world,” PR Newswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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