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Blockchain Technology-based Diamond Exchange CEDEX To Launch Exchange Traded Fund

CEDEX is a blockchain technology-based diamond exchange who wants to launch a diamond-backed exchange traded fund (ETF). At current, the development of the ETF is carried out. The main purpose of the ETF is to make investors trade diamonds as digital assets. The exchange has obtained worth $50+ million diamonds. All these diamonds will be traded on the exchange.

The co-founder and CEO at CEDEX Saar Levi, “The vast inventory available combined with CEDEX unique technology opens up for traditional and digital markets the opportunity to develop financial instruments that will initially create the liquidity needed to jumpstart our vision – transforming diamonds into a new asset class. Bridging the gap between existing financial markets and the diamond industry will fuel this untapped market from a $90 billion industry to an estimated $300-$400 billion.”

The blockchain technology-based exchange diamond CEDEX wants to join hands with other firms [ETF issuers, exchanges, banks, commodity & retail brokerages and exchanges]. The main purpose of these collaborations is to introduce the clients of these firms the ETF. It is stated that diamonds in its listing will be different from each other. Investors can diversify their portfolio and reduce market risks by investing in unique diamonds, Finance Magnates reported.

The exchange has fought and won against those problems which refrained diamonds. It now provides transparency and standardization to diamonds trades. Investors can trade diamonds easily and securely and diamond holders can liquidate their digital assets effortlessly through the exchange.

The exchange is driven by a proprietary machine-learning algorithm called DEX. Different kinds of data points can be analyzed and easy-to-understand investment information & easy-to-access investment options can be provided through the exchange. The easy-to-access investment options are used for buying and selling diamonds without any specialized diamond industry expertise involved.

The diamond holders can be connected with the investors through the blockchain technology-based exchange CEDEX, according to the official website of CEDEX.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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