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Blockchain Technology Applications Successfully Manage Digital Assets Securities

Blockchain technology applications are looked upon as the best options for transferring of digital assets like securities. This ledger form has immense potential and wonderful capabilities in transferring equity using tokens. The deployment of blockchain in the financial sector has been an accelerator in achieving this hype. There are firms which are focusing on digital securities token transfer in the market.

Medici Ventures, a subsidiary of, has already made a successful transfer of digital securities token. In addition to this, it has also gained equity ownership in a company Chainstone Labs that is working on decentralized asset management and digital securities.

Chainstone Labs CEO Bruce Fenton stated that the global economy is going through a major shift with digital securities and blockchain technology applications. They both together can bring in a potential change in the entire trend. He further added that Medici Ventures is an operational expert in the market and it purchased a stake of 29 percent in their firm for $3.6 million. The securities were issued through an open source public blockchain dubbed as Ravencoin, as mentioned by Forbes.

Ravencoin is an ultimate modus operandi network used to issue security token for such larger amount. The prime objective of this platform is to issue tokens and digital assets to the users in a completely secure way. It is speculated that securities tokens, in particular, have become quite promising in the blockchain transfer.

Future Of Security Tokens

According to Crowdfund Insider, it is stated that security tokens seem to have a bright and long future with the way it is being adopted by firms. Perhaps, there is no regulatory body to monitor and track the fair trade of these tokens. Samuel S. Guzik, a corporate and securities attorney and business advisor with the law firm of Guzik & Associates, revealed that security token advisors have several ways to make security token offering which comes under the rules of Securities and Exchange Commission.

Blockchain technology applications have yet a long way to go in security transfer on a global level.

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