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Blockchain System Tolling.Network Ensures Security and Stability For Toll Agencies

Blockchain System Tolling.Network ensures security and stability for toll agencies as it uses Hyperledger Fabric for toll operations. The system is also known as a permissioned blockchain network which offers the agencies to interact with other directly. It uses smart contracts in order to design interoperability rules digitally. It is considered as a next-generation network not only for agency-to-agency national interoperability but also for cross-border interoperability.

The Managing Partner of Milligan Partners and Co-Founder of Matt Milligan said, “For at least the last ten years, the US toll industry has been trying to solve the problem of National Interoperability, and we believe the solution is blockchain technology. We also believe that an open source project is the right way to go. Government agencies need a cost-effective and innovative option, and that hasn’t existed… until now.”

Milligan Partners is specialized in providing toll technology and operations. Customers can deal with various challenges related to policy management, procurement, process analysis, call center operations, system implementation, cash operations, and collections through this platform. Whereas is a project of Milligan Partners using the blockchain technology to streamline services related to transportation, transit, parking, and tolling.

The Managing Partner of Milligan Partners and Co-Founder of Tyler Milligan said that they were directed towards the Hyperledger at the starting point of the Blockchain System Tolling.Network development, according to a report by PR Newswire. 

Medici Land Governance (MLG) And Teton County, Wyoming Will Create Blockchain-based System

The Medici Land Governance (MLG) will work with Teton County, Wyoming in order to create the blockchain-based system in 2019. Both partners have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Wyoming Legislative Blockchain Taskforce supports this partnership. The system will not only use technologies and programs of MLG but also use its policies in order to track, record and make a few information related to real property publicly available. It will also keep a record of transactions related to land administration. Basically, it will be used to keep all land records such as mortgages, a release of liens, and other similar documents of Teton County, according to a report by GlobeNewswire.

Teton County’s County Clerk Sherry Daigle said, “We are proud to see Wyoming lead the way in implementing cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain, into existing markets like a land registry. With Medici Land Governance’s expertise, we can create a reliable property registry system in Teton County with hopes to expand into other Wyoming counties.”

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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